*  Results vary from individual to individual. There is no guarantee that customer will experience hair growth
after using this formula as there may also be other  factors affecting hair loss e.g. lifestyle, smoking, stress,
medication etc, which is beyond our control.
This lady experienced serious hair
loss after child birth. I remember
the first time we washed her hair,
the basin was full of dropped hair
and she was desperate for help.*
She comes for treatment once
a week for 3 months continuously.
Her hair has experienced lesser hair
loss and new hair started growing.
Now she's happy that she has more
volumous and shiny lustrous hair.*
Our Japanese Customer **

One of our Japanese customers who
has used our product. We had this
opportunity to invite her to our Hair Spa
Salon in Singapore.

Click on the Video Clip below to view
our Korean Herbal Treatment process
Our Businesss Philospphy is to use
Korean Herbal Formula to treat hair
loss, thinning of hair, itchy & sensitive
scalp, dandruff, hair therapy to stop
premature greying, restore shine,
lustre and improve hair texture. These
are achieved through cleansing, scalp
massage, application of our Herbal
Formula to the scalp and steaming to
absorb the essential nutrients through
the pores to provide nourishment,
strengthening and  therapy to the hair  

We charge our products and services
at very reasonable price in order  to be
accessible to the masses and people
who genuinely need hair therapy &

Who are the masses?
This treatment is basically for

Please do not have the misconception
that  this treatment is only for people
who are balding.

Our Hair Treatment is ideal for people
who are experiencing hair problems
like coarse, dry and dull hair due to
chemical treatments such as excessive
hair dye and colouring ,  post natal
hair loss,  premature greying, dandruff,
itchy and sensitive scalp. Our Herbal
Formula can help to  prevent and treat
hair loss symptoms and facilitate
effective hair growth, reduce hair fall,
regrowth of black hair for people who
have premature greying while covering
greys with natural herbals  in the
This lady experienced
hair thinning.*
She has seen lesser hair falls
and hair regrowth after
treatment for 3 to 4 months. *
Customers' Testimonials &
Feedback *
1. Do you often do chemical hair dye? Are you concerned about the
damage and harm that is brought on your hair and scalp which might
lead to hair loss when you get older?

The above 1) mentioned is a common cause of hair loss for ladies at
middle age is due to many years of using chemical hair colour on
hair and scalp and hair perming and other chemical hair services.

2. Are you experiencing hair thinning after 30 Years Old and have
itchy scalp?

Above 2) is a common problem especially for males and females
who have hair thinning problem at middle age.

3. Do you experience severe hair loss after child birth?

Ladies who experience hair loss after child birth and even Cancer
patients on chemotherapy treatment have tried our D.I.Y Herbal
Promote Healthy Scalp, Reduce Hair Thinning.
You will see for yourself with healthier  hair in 2 to 3 months by
using this Herbal Hair Treatment Formula from Korea.
Drop by our Salons? Buy our D.I.Y?
For people who are residing in Central, we welcome you to drop by
our Salon at Kovan to try our hair treatment services. Be rest
assured that we do not 'hard sell' or pressure you to buy 'package'.
No gimmicks, no hidden cost. We just want you to enjoy our hair
treatment and benefit from it. The treatment at our Salon includes
cleansing, head massage, application of Korean Herbal Paste,
steam, wash, blow and application of our specially formulated
Herbal hair spray.

However, if you are staying far away and find it inconvenient to
come, we suggest you to purchase our DIY Home Treatment
Package. But for the first time, you need to come to our salon.
We will teach you step by step on how to do this hair treatment
at the comfort of your home. The steps are simple and easy to
Is Your Formula really
A Korean Hair Recipe to promote healthy
scalp and control hair thinning

We run a Hair Treatment Spa Salon in Singapore using our Korean
Herbal Hair formula, hundreds of our customers have experienced
hair growth. Our secret recipe is proven to help people with hair
loss problem.

In short, hair loss can be hereditary or also commonly due to
improper lifestyle like stress, smoking, unhealthy diet, irregular
sleeping habits, hormonal changes, medication or even chemical
damage cause by chemical hair colour, inappropriate or frequent
perming or rebonding etc.

Our Korean Herbal Treatment formula, together with scalp
massage helps to remove oil, unclog pores and improve blood
circulation. This formula comprises of Korean Ginseng,
He Shou Wu and many other oriental herbs with anti-hair loss
properties to provide scalp therapy and to penetrate deep into the
hair follicles to provide nourishing nutrients to strengthen and
stimulate hair growth.

Many of our customers who use our Korean Herbal Hair Treatment
Formula either using our DIY Herbal Treatment at home or done at
our Salon by our Therapist, experience hair growth after diligently
using our Herbal Treatment continuously for 2-3 months.* After you
have experienced hair growth and seen improvement, you will need
to do this hair treatment once a month to maintain this healthier hair.
Can my family members

This Korean Herbal Treatment is suitable for everyone from young,
adults to old folks. Even for young kids with healthy hair, this
formula will nourish and strengthen their hair follicles. As the idiom
says Prevention is better than cure. This recipe can be used by all
members in the family. Take this chance to gather all family
members and enjoy the treatment process. I believe everyone will
enjoy the gathering moment and this helps to foster a closer
relationship with family and friends. Definitely, it is suitable for
anybody. It is undeniably prevention for those who have often
coloured, permed, reboundedor straightened their hair, heavy
smokers who expose their hair to cigarette smoke, people who
experience itchy scalp, including ladies who experience hair
loss after child birth.
Dare to take this Challenge?
Before you start your Hair Treatment at Our Shop or Using Our
Home Package D.I.Y treatment, change your pillow case to one
that is white in colour. Observe the number of hair drop on your
pillow case every morning when you wake up. Roughly count the
number of dropped hair for that whole week. During the first 3
weeks of treatment, the number of dropped hair should remain
about the same but beyond, you should notice that this number will

After 4 weeks, your hair loss problem should be controlled and you
can ask your family member to exam the usual hair loss area. You
are likely to notice tiny baby hairs sticking out.

After 10 to 15 sessions of herbal treatment, your hair loss problem
will improve. Every morning when you wake up, Observe your
pillow case and you will realise the number of hair drop has
reduced. Observe the drainage after shampoo and you should
see the number of dropped hair will reduce greatly. Baby hair
should also start growing but this is the critical stage because
these baby hair is usually very weak and tends to drop off easily
so you need a good herbal based hair spray to strengthen the weak
baby hair to let it continue growing into healthy hair strands.
Special Hair Conditions

Customers who follow our Korean Herbal Treatment regime can
see a control in their hair thinning problem and a healthier scalp.

However, If you belong to one of the categories mention below,
our treatment formula may take a slightly longer time to take effect.
It is also recommended to seek professional medical consultation.
But don't loss heart. If you don't give up, you can see healthier and
fuller hair soon.

1. If you are born with no hair follicles in certain parts of your head.

2. If certain patches of the head is bald due to an accident at
young age, the hair follicles may be badly damaged. It is
advisable for you consult a qualified trichologist soon.

3. For pregnant ladies, do be assured that all the herbs used in
this Korean Herbal Treatment are all natural botanicals and are
free of chemicals. Hence it is safe for everyone including pregnant
ladies, especially since this Herbal Treatment is for exterior use
on the scalp. However, if you still express safety concern, then we
suggest you to use this Herbal Treatment after you deliver your
Any Hidden Cost?

There is no hidden cost. What we promise is what you will get:

For Our Home D.I.Y Herbal Hair Treatment Package:
- 1 Set of Korean Herbal Paste at S$148 (free shipping).

Korean Herbal Hair Treatment @ our Salon:
If you prefer to come to our salon. We want to reassure you that
our charges are reasonable & affordable. We don't push package
and we don't hard sell. We just want you to come to our shop
Stress free, Happy and Enjoy the hair treatment.
Who are Our Customers?
Sincerely from Our Heart

We hope everybody who are concerned  about their
hair or experiencing hair problem has a chance to try
our products at very reasonable and affordable cost.

A small favour from us, please recommend our
treatment to any of your friends who could be facing
any hair problem. Thanks in advance.

We sincerely hope everyone can be blessed with full
and healthy hair and also good health. A healthy hair
will give you more confidence and inner joy that
radiates cheerful and radiant personality.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. God bless you,
your family and our country.
Try Our Home D.I.Y

You can call us @ 93874424 for further enquiries.

This is what you will get:
~2 Sessions of Korean Herbal Hair Treatment
~1 Hair Brush and accessories
~Step by step instruction Manual
~For first time buyer, pls make an appointment at 93874424
to come to our salon for a demo on your hair.
Christmas Celebration 2009

Our customers surprise us with a
"Carolling Session" for Christmas 2009

POSB Saving Account: 338-02198-4

After payment, please sms us @

Item will be shipped with 48 hours
after payment
Name of Customer : Gabriel Lee

After having a few treatments, now my hair starts to look good, more natural and back
to my early days normal hair moreover price are reasonable as compared to other places. Will sure to
recommend to all my friends. Thks *
All rights reserved.
More Stories for Dec 2010

Seeing Hair Growth after treatment is
our greatest Happiness and Joy. Click
on the note or photo below to read
Jenny's testimonial.
More Stories Dec 2010

Seeing Customers regaining
confidence and hope is our greatest
joy. Below is another simple testimonial
from a Satisfied Customer, Rahim:

"Due to my work nature, I have to wear
a helmet under hot sun. My hair loss
problem is very serious especially for
the past few months. Through friend's
recommendation, I decided to try the
Herbal Hair Treatment in Mid November
2010. After 4 treatments, my hair quality
improve and hair drop is greatly
reduced. New hair starts to grow. I am
very happy."
Stories for Year 2009

Irene Chew experienced heart felt joy when
her hair grew after Herbal Treatment. She
had severe hair lossdue to work stress 1.5
years ago. Family & Friends witnessed her
hair growth and were convinced about the
effectiveness of our Korean Herbal Hair
Treatment. Many of them are our loyal and
regular customers now.
A Happy New Year 2011!!!

We wish all our customers and their
family members a Blessed Year 2011
and May Good Health and Happiness
follow you.

Below  are some photos we have taken
with our Customers (those who have
visited and tried our services for at
least 4 to 8 sessions and see good
improvement in their hair condition) in
Year 2011...
Chit Chat Session **

A Chit Chat Session with one of our
customers,  Franklin Chan, while
waiting for his hair to be steamed
during his Herbal Hair Treatment
More Stories for April 2011

Shu Qin was facing hair loss problem
when she came to us in Jan 2011. She
comes regularly, after three months....

Aunty Mary suffered from sudden severe hair loss ( due to excessive
use of chemical hair dye colouring and perm) during this Lunar New
Year period. After a few treatments, hair loss was curbed and she has
healthier hair now. She still comes weekly.
Perseverance Paid Off *

David experienced Male Hair Loss
Pattern (Bald Patch). He was referred to
us by a regular customer. He witnessed
fine baby hair grow after treatment but
it was thin and weak initially. However
David did not give up. He comes
regularly for past 5 to 6 months. His
scalp was nourished and the new hair
growth has grown stronger and longer
to patch up the baldness.
More Stories for May- June 2011

Joelle and her family are our regular
Herbal hair treatment customers. Her
mum's friend referred them to our
salon. Since then, they have been
coming very frequently and the
treatment helps them very well.  Read
Joelle's feedback on our Herbal Hair
A Hardworking Customer who sees encouraging
results in 8 weeks time *

Jumari called us in mid June 2011. He was having male pattern baldness and
receding hair line. The  front part (perimeter area) of his hair  is almost bald
with little baby hair. He comes consistently every week and used our Herbal
Hair Spray at home every day. This week (on 3rd August 2011), after 8
sessions of Herbal Hair Treatment, we did a hair analysis and review for him
and observed healthier scalp and lesser hair loss. *
Giseno Hair Spa New Video Clip **
Giseno@ Korean Culture Fair **
We had the privilege to be invited to participate in a
7 Full day Korean Culture Fair @ City Square Mall.
We had  a chance to talk to the Korean Ambassador
about our services & products. View the video  clip
of events &activities at the Korean Fair here. It's
indeed a wonderful experience for us and our
Yr 2012: Our Old Friend *

Aunty Lily used to work for us as a
part-time staff in Year 2010-2011. She
could not continue working due to  
health reasons. I remember her hair at
the crown area was very thin during
that time. She has done our treatments  
more than 6 months to a year
conscientiously. We have not met for  at
least a year since her last day at work
with us. When we recently met at the
Korean Fair in City Square, her hair is
fuller now and a lot of baby hair has
already grown to adult hair. She is
happy with our treatment and hair spray.
Look at the box area at her crown area.
It used to be very thin and the flesh of
the scalp is visible. Now the crown
scalp is covered by new grown hair.
She told us she is very happy with your
hair growth and she looks prettier &
more radiant now!
Jacqueline's SMS to us at yr end 2011 *

We are very excited to receive an sms
on 08 November 2011 from one of our
customers, Jacqueline. We are still
keeping her SMS in our traditional LG
John Puan's Testimonial March 2012 *

John is our loyal & regular customer
since 2009. He is slightly shy to have a
photo post with us. This is what he
wrote on our feedback form..." Since I
came here to do my hair treatment, I
find that my hair are growing up, I very
happy for the treatment and service..."
Click Above "Hand written Testimonial of John" *
Click Above Note to read Shu Qin's testimonial *
Read about Joelle's
**  Results vary from individual to individual. There is no guarantee that customer will experience hair
growth after going through above treatment as shown on the video clip above. There may also be other  
factors affecting hair loss e.g. lifestyle, smoking, stress, medication etc, which is beyond our control.
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