Customers' Testimonials & Feedback

Our Japanese Customer **

One of our Japanese customers who has used our product. We had this opportunity to invite her to our Hair Spa Salon in Singapore.

Click on the Video Clip below to view our Korean Herbal Treatment process**


This lady experienced serious hair loss after child birth. I remember the first time we washed her hair, the basin was full of dropped hair and she was desperate for help.*


She comes for treatment once a week for 3 months continuously. Her hair has experienced lesser hair loss and new hair started growing. Now she's happy that she has more volumous and shiny lustrous hair. *


This lady experienced
hair thinning. *


She has seen lesser hair falls and hair regrowth after treatment for 3 to 4 months. *

Aunty Mary suffered from sudden severe hair loss ( due to excessive use of chemical hair dye colouring and perm) during this Lunar New Year period. After a few treatments at Giseno, hair loss was curbed and visible hair grow can be seen. Her new hair is growing thick and strong. She still comes weekly. *

A Hardworking Customer who sees encouraging results
in 8 weeks time *

Jumari called us in mid June 2011. He was having male pattern baldness and receding hair line. The front part (perimeter area) of his hair is almost bald with little baby hair. He comes consistently every week and applied our tonic at home every day. This week (on 3rd August 2011), we did a hair analysis and review for him and observed that a lot of visible baby hair has already grown and remained strong. He has only come for 8 sessions of hair treatment but without fail weekly. Jumari is very excited and we are happy for him because we know he is capable of fuller hair in the very near future. *

Boxed area: Area with obvious & visible hair growth within 8 sessions of hair treatment. Initially, this area was almost bald when Jumari came to us in mid June 2011. *

Year 2012: Our Old Friend *

Aunty Lily used to work for us as a part-time staff in Year 2010-2011. She could not continue working due to health reasons. I remember her hair at the crown area was very thin during that time. She has done our treatments more than 6 months to a year conscientiously. We have not met for at least a year since her last day at work with us. When we recently met at the Korean Fair in City Square, her hair is fuller now and a lot of baby hair has already grown to adult hair. She is happy with our treatment and hair tonic. Look at the box area at her crown area. It used to be very thin and the flesh of the scalp is visible. Now the crown scalp is covered by new grown hair. She told us she is very happy with your hair growth and she looks prettier & more radiant now! *

John Puan's Testimonial March 2012 *

John is our loyal & regular customer since 2009. He is slightly shy to have a photo post with us. This is what he wrote on our feedback form..." Since I came here to do my hair treatment, I find that my hair are growing up, I very happy for the treatment and service..."

Click Above "Hand written Testimonial of John" *

Jacqueline's SMS to Giseno at yr end 2011 *

We are very excited to receive an sms on 08 November 2011 from one of our customers, Jacqueline. We are still keeping her SMS in our traditional LG phone....

A Happy New Year 2011!!!

We at Giseno Hair Spa wish all our customers and their family members a Blessed Year 2011 and May Good Health and Happiness follow you.

Below are some photos we have taken with our Customers (those who have visited and tried our services for at least 4 to 8 sessions and see good improvement in their hair condition) in Year 2011...

Perseverance Paid Off *

David experienced Male Hair Loss Pattern (Bald Patch). He was referred to us by a regular customer. He witnessed fine baby hair grow after treatment but it was thin and weak initially. However David did not give up. He comes regularly for past 5 to 6 months. His scalp was nourished and the new hair growth has grown stronger and longer to patch up the baldness.

Chit Chat Session **

A Chit Chat Session with one of our customers, Franklin Chan, while waiting for his hair to be steamed during his Herbal Hair Treatment Session.

More Stories for April 2011

Shu Qin was facing hair loss problem when she came to Giseno in Jan 2011. She comes regularly, after three months....*

                  Click Above Note to read Shu Qin's Testimonial. *

More Stories for May- June 2011

Joelle and her family are our regular Herbal hair treatment customers. Her mum's friend referred them to our salon. Since then, they have been coming very frequently and the treatment helps them very well. Read Joelle's feedback on our Herbal Hair Treatment. *

                  Joelle's Feedback on our Herbal Hair Treatment. *

More Stories for Dec 2010

Seeing Hair Growth after treatment is our greatest Happiness and Joy. Click on the note or photo below to read Jenny's testimonial. *

More Stories Dec 2010

Seeing Customers regaining confidence and hope is our greatest joy. Below is another simple testimonial from a Satisfied Customer, Rahim:

"Due to my work nature, I have to wear a helmet under hot sun. My hair loss problem is very serious especially for the past few months. Through friend's recommendation, I went to Giseno Hair Spa in Mid November 2010. After 4 treatments, my hair quality improve and hair drop is greatly reduced. New hair starts to grow. I am very happy." *

Christmas Celebration 2009

Our customers surprise us with a "Carolling Session" for Christmas 2009

Stories for Year 2009

Irene Chew experienced heart felt joy when her hair grew after Herbal Treatment at Giseno Hair Spa. She had severe hair loss due to work stress 1.5 years ago. Family & Friends witnessed her hair growth and were convinced about the effectiveness of our Korean Herbal Hair Treatment. Many of them are our loyal and regular customers now. *



* Results vary from individual to individual. There is no guarantee that customer will experience hair growth after using this formula as there may also be other factors affecting hair loss e.g. lifestyle, smoking, stress, medication etc, which is beyond our control.


** Results vary from individual to individual. There is no guarantee that customer will experience hair growth after going through above treatment as shown on the video clip above. There may also be other factors affecting hair loss e.g. lifestyle, smoking, stress, medication etc, which is beyond our control.


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